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Sign-IO, is an innovative technology that translates sign language to speech using a hand glove. The technology is addressing the language barrier between sign language users and those who are not conversant with sign language. This supports and provides a solution towards enhanced engagement and inclusion of Persons with Disability. The technology is developed by [...]

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Ujuzi Kilimo soil kit

Ujuzi Kilimo soil kit is an innovative sensor technology and comprehensive database to collect and analyze farm data. The technology is used to help farmers and agriculture players make better and informed decisions as well as build targeted services. The technology is developed by Brian Bosire, a young innovator supported by KENIA under the innovation [...]

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Pediatric Hip Spica Table

Pediatric Hip Spica Table with Extension Traction is an innovative equipment used in reducing the challenge that exists while dealing with fractures on children under the age of five (5) years. This has provided a solution in various hospitals including Kenyatta National hospital, whereby there has been a challenge of lack of sufficient and efficient [...]

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Ecodudu is an innovative way of generating protein rich animal feed and soil conditioner using insects. This is an innovation by young innovator, Adan Mohamed who won the 1st prize in the Agriculture & natural resources category in the first National Innovation Award by the Kenya National Innovation Agency. The innovator utilized the cash award [...]

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Maziwa Plus

Maziwa plus is an innovative solar powered milk cooling and monitoring system powered by sustainable and clean energy for smallholder dairy farmers. It is mounted on a motorbike and helps farmers to deliver milk safely from the farm to the dairy cooperative or the point of sale. Maziwa plus prevents loss of milk through spoilage [...]

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