The Kenya National Innovation Agency (KENIA) is a State Corporation established under the Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) Act, No. 28 of 2013 under the Ministry of Education. The core mandate of the Agency is to develop and manage the National Innovation System. The Agency is therefore responsible for co-ordination, promotion and regulation of the National Innovation Ecosystem.

In line with government policies of leveraging innovation, entrepreneurship and self-sustaining economy, the agency is expected to assign priority to the development of science, technology and innovation to entrench science, technology and innovation into the national production system. The Agency is expected to develop and manage Kenya National Innovation System and thus institutionalize linkages between universities, research institutions, private sector, the government and other sectors. It is equally expected to develop and continuously benchmark national innovation standards based on international best practices and further scout for and nurture innovative ideas from individuals, training institutions, the private sector and similar institutions.

Further, the agency will establish and regularly update a database on innovation in collaboration with other relevant institutions. The agency will also increase awareness of intellectual property rights among investors as well as establish and maintain a Presidential or other award system for novel innovations, subject implement the national innovation and commercialization policy. The innovation institution will create synergies among different technological innovations, incubations initiatives for diffusion of technology in Kenya.