The Kenya National Innovation Agency will be performing the following key functions:

  1. Institutionalize linkages between universities, research institutions, the private sector, the Government, and other actors in that System;
  2. Cause the creation of science and innovation parks, institutes or schools or designate existing institutions as centres of excellence in priority sectors;
  3. Develop and continuously benchmark national innovation standards based on international best practices;
  4. Scout for and nurture innovative ideas from individuals, training institutions, the private sector and similar institutions;
  5. Establish and regularly update a database on innovation in collaboration with other relevant institutions;
  6. Increase awareness of intellectual property rights among innovators;
  7. Ensure the inclusion of science, technology and innovation in the country’s programs and policies at all levels;
  8. Establish and maintain a Presidential or other award system for novel innovations, subject to prescribed conditions;
  9. Implement the national innovation and commercialization policy;
  10. Disseminate scientific knowledge or technology through any medium;
  11. Recommend provision of financial and any other assistance to any person, for the purpose of enabling that person develop a technological innovation;
  12. Acquire rights or interests in or to any technological innovation supported by the Agency from any person or assign any person any rights in or to such technological innovation;
  13. Create synergies among different technological innovations, incubations initiatives for diffusion of technology in Kenya;
  14. Develop the national capacity and infrastructure to protect and exploit intellectual property derived from research or financed by the Agency;
  15. Facilitate the application for grant or revocation of patents and institution of legal action for infringement of any intellectual property rights;
  16. Recommend the provision of financial and any other assistance to any person for the purpose of encouraging the person to develop any technological innovation;
  17. Identify strategic fields of innovation;
  18. Provide incubators for innovative ideas;