1. Innovation Development & Management
  • Promotion of Technology Development
  • Management and Commercialization of Innovations
  • Management of Intellectual Property
  1. Resource Mobilization, Partnerships and Linkages
  • Mobilization of Resources
  • Initiation and promotion of International Collaborations and Partnerships
  • Initiation of Research, Academia and Industry Linkages

Innovation Development & Management

This entails:-

  • Monitoring, forecasting and maintaining a technology database;
  • Disseminating scientific knowledge and technology through any medium;
  • Scouting for and nurturing innovative technologies from individuals, training institutions, the private sector and similar institutions;
  • Creating synergies among different technological innovations, incubations initiatives for diffusion of technology in Kenya;
  • Establishing Centres of excellence technology development in key sectors.
  • Identifying and establishing innovation drivers and foresight projects in research, business, industry and society.
  • Developing and continuously benchmarking national innovation standards based on international best practices;
  • Ensure the inclusion of science, technology and innovation in the country’s programs and policies at all levels;
  • Establish and maintain a Presidential or other award system for novel innovations, subject to prescribed conditions;
  • Implementing the national innovation and commercialization policy;
  • Causing the creation of science and innovation parks, institutes or schools or designate existing institutions as centers of excellence in priority sectors;
  • Ensuring that potential innovations receive adequate development and marketing resources for success.
  • Identifying and formulating strategies for Market formation of local innovation products.
  • Creating awareness of intellectual property rights among innovators;
  • Acquiring rights or interests in or to any technological innovation supported by the Agency from any person or assign any person any rights in or to such technological innovation;
  • Developing national capacity and infrastructure to protect and exploit intellectual property derived from research or financed by the Agency;
  • Facilitating the application for grant or revocation Of patents and institution of legal action for infringement of any intellectual property rights.

Resource Mobilization, Partnerships and Linkages

This entails:-

  • Developing strategies for resource mobilization for strategic innovation programmes;
  • Developing schemes to fund and support innovation platforms and programmes;
  • Recommending provision of financial and any other assistance to any person, for the purpose of enabling that person to develop any technological innovation;
  • Establishing and maintaining strategic international and regional innovation cooperation platforms;
  • Nurturing existing strategic partnerships and seek to establish new partnerships
  • Fostering collaboration, partnerships, and the sharing of information and expertise between institutions;
  • Establishing and maintaining knowledge exchange networks;
  • Developing collaborative platforms with other innovation agencies with the aim of domesticating other innovations developed elsewhere;
  • Identifying and establishing innovation think tanks.
  • Institutionalizing linkages between universities, research institutions, the private sector, the government, and other actors in that System;