The Kenya National Innovation Agency is committed to delivering the highest possible quality and level of service to our stakeholders.

We intend to provide services through the best practice and in line with our customers’ needs as we continually seek improvements.
The corporate communications office is the Agency’s designated office for receiving and handling public complaints on-
  • Maladministration (Improper public administration) – service failure, delay, inaction, inefficiency, ineptitude, discourtesy, incompetence, and unresponsiveness in public offices.
  • Administrative Injustice – An Action which is in non-compliance with expeditious, efficient, reasonable, and procedurally fair action, and an entitlement to written reasons for such action.
  • Misconduct and Integrity Issues - Improper conduct, abuse of power and misbehavior in public service.
What is a public complaint? A complaint is defined as "any expression of dissatisfaction by a customer or potential customer about service delivery by the company or its agents, and/or about company or industry policy."
At KeNIA, we see complaints as a valuable way of meeting and responding to your expectations. We realize that in breaking down the barriers to meet your needs we value listening to feedback and complaints from you.
How will we handle your complaint? We will:
  1. Acknowledge your complaint, in writing or via email, within 24hours of us receiving it.
  2. Enquire into your complaint and consult any relevant persons who should help resolve it fairly and within a reasonable timeframe.
  3. Treat you and your information with confidence and respect, in line with our guidelines.
  4. Keep you and any other persons involved informed about the progress of the complaint, how we will try to resolve it and, as is appropriate, what we will do to prevent it from happening again.
  5. Take action to resolve the complaint as best as possible to your satisfaction and, where possible, recommend any changes needed to ensure the cause is fixed.
  6. Let you know in writing the outcome of your complaint and as is relevant, the reasons behind this outcome.
What should you tell us?
  1. Your name, address and the best way to contact you.
  2. The details that will help us understand the reason/s for your complaint.
  3. Copies of any documents relevant to your complaint.
  4. If you have already discussed your complaint with us, the details of those persons in KeNIA that you dealt with.
  5. What you feel would constitute a satisfactory resolution of your complaint. For example, are you seeking information which you feel is being withheld, are you seeking an apology, etc.
You need to know that.
  1. You may make a complaint verbally and/or in writing. E.g. email, and/or calling
  2. We may ask for your help in the course of handling your complaint.
Chief Executive Officer
Kenya National Innovation Agency
P.O. Box 22269-00100, Nairobi, Kenya
Ground Floor, NACOSTI Building, Off Waiyaki Way
Nairobi, Kenya
Telephone: +254-792 446 976
Commission for Administrative Justice
P.O. Box 20414 – 00200
West End Building, 2nd Floor
Westlands, Nairobi
Telephone: +254-20270000/2303000/2603765/

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