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Towards Kenya's
10-year Innovation Masterplan

Leveraging innovation for economic growth and national prosperity

Framework Development by KeNIA
Jan - April 2023
Stakeholder Engagement and Drafting
April - August 2023
Masterplan Compilation and Finalisation
September - October 2023
National Innovation Masterplan Launch at KIW
05 December 2023

In today's rapidly evolving global landscape, innovation has become a key driver of economic growth and prosperity.

The new Government administration brings new energy and high ambitions for socioeconomic development. This, combined with the ecosystem now reaching this level of maturity and having a wide range of significant innovation efforts happening across sectors and across the country, means it's an opportune time to be thinking about ways to organise, stimulate and boost Kenya's innovation ecosystem in a way that can transform the socioeconomic development of the country in the future.

Kenya National Innovation Agency (KeNIA) is building a National Innovation Masterplan that can be used as the foundation for future work on policy drafting. The Masterplan is intended to be aspirational, educational and informative, offering a shared vision to align actors across the Government of Kenya and the wider ecosystem. This vision will provide an anchoring guideline against which all actors, from ministries to development partners, can organise their research, innovation, funding, startup, talent, commercialisation and other efforts. It will be launched in December 2023 by the Head of State at Kenya Innovation Week.
There are many pieces already in progress such as the Kenya Innovation Outlook Report, Startup Bill and Startup Fund to support innovation and other existing relevant elements that will influence this work, set out across a number of policy and strategy documents, that can help to inform, design, and shape this work - e.g. Vision 2030, Kenya Kwanza Manifesto.

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