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Who We Are

We strengthen interrelationships between actors in order to promote innovation and enterprise development out of research and ideas.

With the vision of being a key enabler of socio-economic development through innovation, KeNIA was set up to develop and manage the national innovation system.

The Kenya National Innovation Agency (KeNIA) is a State Corporation established under the Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) Act, No. 28 of 2013 under the Ministry of Education. The core mandate of the Agency is to develop and manage the National Innovation System. The Agency is therefore responsible for co-ordination, promotion and regulation of the National Innovation Ecosystem.

Working with partners, KeNIA strengthens interrelationships between actors in order to promote innovation and enterprise development out of research and ideas. From supporting the identification, recording and protection of innovative ideas to coordinating the establishment and implementation of appropriate policies, standards, processes, infrastructure, and partnerships to nurture the innovative ideas. The agency also works with partners to ensure appropriate prioritization, relevant capacity development, innovation recognition and publication of the same.

Our Mission

To develop and manage a dynamic national innovation system that facilitates taking ideas to the market

Our Vision

A key enabler of socio-economic development through innovation.

Core Mandate

To Develop and Manage the National Innovation System

Our Strategic Priorities

Below are six strategic priority areas that capture the different facets of our core mandate to effectively enable the innovation system in Kenya .

Capacity Development

Innovative mindsets and skills are necessary to spur creation of products and services that are truly problem based and have the potential to impact society.

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Dissemination & Awareness

Innovation takes places in all sectors and levels of society. There is need for coordinated innovation information sharing and dissemination

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Commercialization is a necessary step for business success of start-up ventures or public and private research efforts. KeNIA works with academic institutions among other partners to improve the level of uptake and commercialization of intellectually protected products and services.

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Policies & Legal Framework

KeNIA works with a variety of stakeholders to ensure the inclusion of science, technology and innovation in the country’s programs and policies at all levels.

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Partnerships & Linkages

KeNIA strives to institutionalize linkages between universities, research institutions, the private sector, the government, and other actors. In collaboration with various partners, KeNIA is establishing a database of innovations, investors, institutions, innovators, enablers among others relevant elements of the ecosystem.

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KeNIA recommends the provision of financial and any other assistance to any person or institution, for the purpose of enabling that person or institution to develop technological innovations.

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